Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Better is One Day in Your Courts by Camille Cunningham

'One day spent in your house, this beautiful place of worship, beats thousands spent on Greek island beaches. Id rather scrub floors in the house of my God than be
honored as a guest in the palace of sin.' (Psalm 84:10 MSG)

I love how David speaks about the importance of the house of The Lord. David would rather be a
doorkeeper, or scrub floors in the house of The Lord than be on any Greek island that's a

I remember when Jacob and I first bought our home - it was such a
special moment as we made it our own and began to build our lives
within it. I also remember the first day I walked into the house of God and the eternal impact that has forever had on my life.

God spoke to me many years ago saying that just as I am responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and care for my own house, I am equally
responsible for the care and condition of the House of God. I truly believe that as I care for His House (the Church), He cares for my house.

As this revelation began to sink in I began to see The Church differently. I now see myself as being responsible for straightening the cushions on the couches, packing up the toys in the parents room or picking up the rubbish left at the bathroom sink as this is my house and I am created to care for it.

Likewise I now begin to understand why David would rather spend one day in the House of God, then a thousand elsewhere.

May we together make Gods house famous and care for it, as we would our own.

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