Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christ in His Likeness and Image - by Ps Michael Podhaczky

At this time of year, people are more likely to stop and ponder about Jesus Christ than at any other time of the year. Whether this is for religious reasons, selfish ones or out of a relationship with Christ, it will vary from person to person. It is interesting to listen to people as they talk about this being the silly season. Personally, I think that it is what you allow it to become. Yes, it can be busy, but it can also be enjoyable, full of peaceful rest and reverence for God.

However, it is also a season that helps me refocus on the truth that Christ came in God’s likeness and image (Jn 1:1). But then again, it can be a reminder that Christ came in the likeness and image of humanity (Jn 1:14). This is the union of the two natures of Jesus Christ in one person. This is both a miracle and mystery, which is revealed in Christ to humanity.

He came as to “Save His people from their sins” (Matt 1:21 NLT). This is the greatest gift of this season, not a paper-clad one. It is God the Saviour who came clad in humanity. He came to liberate us from sin, ourselves and Satan. It is the truth that Christ is the image and likeness of the Father. But also that He is the image and likeness of you and me.

Pause in His presence for a moment and think this over… 

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